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Step 3 - All About Faucets

FaucetHub Micropayment List


Many Faucets use what is called a Micropayment Platform to capture your Bitcoin claims and then send them to your Wallet of choice when a certain threshold is reached.  FaucetHub is a Micropayment Platform that is easy to use with exciting features. Open your FREE FaucetHub account here.

Below you will see my favorite faucets to harness FREE Bitcoin and Litecoin.  They are HOT and produce a tremendous amount of Satoshi per claim!

MoonBitcoin HOT
MoonLitecoin HOT
BitFun Faucet HOT
Hue Faucet
Bit Universe
BitLucky HOT
BitSilver HOT
BonusBitcoin HOT

Make sure you claim the faucets daily.  There are hundreds more faucets that you will find and incorporate in your Bitcoin Endeavor


Faucets are fun but can be time consuming.  A much faster way to grow your Bitcoin total is by mining.  Eobot is the best company to get the job done!

Join over 500.000 people with the world’s leading hashpower provider

It’s super simple - Your mining rigs are already set up and running.

As soon as you’ve set-up your - account you can start to earn your first coins from their cloud mining service!

Click Here to Watch my Eobot Miner in Action and Start Mining GOLD, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many other Alt Coins Today!

Poloniex, Inc. is a US based trading platform for crypto-currencies.  They have to conform to all SEC rules and regulations.  I find safety in that!

For those that are familiar with trading fiat currencies on FOREX websites, Poloniex works in the same manner, just exclusively for crypto- currencies.

Buy Low .. Sell HIGH!  Open your Poloniex account here.

Now, here's the exciting part!  Poloniex is the only trading platform that allows you to lend out your coins to earn interest WITHOUT Risk!

Minimum loan is for 2 days and maximum loan is for 60 days.  Whether you choose 2 days or 60 days or a number of days in between, when the loan matures you get your investment (principle) plus the interest back in its' entirety.

The next thing to do is compound your efforts.  Take the original investment add the interest to it and put it out again in another loan.  Interest rates vary, so you get to pick the amount of interest you want to earn!

Bitcoin - A Hobby That Pays


Give Your Kids a "HEAD START" on Life!

Bitcoin is changing the world. 

When I was a kid to enter the workforce you had to be 14 yrs old.  A paper route minimum age was 12.  Working on the farm was 8.

I have always been entrepreneurial minded.  So when I reached the ripe old age of 8, I went to work on a family friends farm picking cherry peppers for $.30 a bushel.  Do you know how many cherry peppers it takes to fill a bushel?

Doesn't sound like a lot but to an 8 year old $.30 was a small - fortune no matter how long it took to fill a bushel!

At age 12, I took on a rural area paper route, peddling my bicycle 15 miles a day, 6 days a week, making $15.00 a week.

At age 14, I took a job in a local Pizza Shop earning what was then the minimum wage of $1.00 an hour.  I stayed on that job until High School Graduation and then Joined the Navy.

Today, our kids don't have these same opportunities to learn the responsibilities of holding down a job or the financial lessons that are learned from doing so.

Bitcoin is changing the world.

Recently, I was talking with a fellow Bitcoiner in Ohio.  His full time profession is commercial debt collection as mine is serving the business - community with their financial needs.

We both treat Bitcoining as a Hobby That Pays!

He told me something very enlightening.  He was training his 10 year old son how to do this.  He set his son up with the Bitcoin wallets and showed him how to get Free Bitcoins from the faucets.

His reasoning is it gave his son something to do and earn money versus sitting around the house texting or otherwise being non-productive. 

He further stated with the meteoric rise in Bitcoin prices, his son will have accumulated a certain amount of wealth that could pay for college, buy his dream car or whatever else he dreamed of as he was entering adulthood.

I so was impressed with his thinking and wanted to pass this information on to all the parents of the world.  Imagine, your child can pay their own college tuition!

Now it's time to learn about the Predators lurking inside the Bitcoin Community.

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